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    Well now I have procrastinated long enough that the host hotel is full, could someone please give a recommendation as to what are the next choices that are closest (preferably within walking distance), clean, etc and have vacancies. I promise to make a reservation immediately.
    Thank you


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    Check out the recent topics in the "Lancaster 2008" Forum.


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      I live approx. 30 minutes or less from the Host.
      If I had more than two bedrooms at my place, both are occupied, I would invite the bunch.

      I have a huge back yard in which you are welcome to pitch a tent for free

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        Thanks, Problem solved, reservations made, see y'all there.



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          Nitram can you reccomend a nice Bed and Breakfast. The are a million in that area.....for the price verses a hotel, it might be the way to go. Something close yet clean and fun. Thank you

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            I'm still looking for someone to share expenses. I have a room at Super 8 for the whole week. It would be a lot less costly for both of us.

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              Don please check out the Lancaster Thread on this site. I posted a list of the currmet Meet Hotels and the rooms arrival in each as of last week. There are still rooms but you need to call the Hotels. Alll Phone numbers are listed at SDCMEET>COM. Also if these are not suitable to your needs go to PADUTCHCOUNTRY<COM and call theier reseservationss number as they are also working with us on the housing issue as well as much more. We just met with them yesterday to discuss our progress on the meet. If all of this doesn't work, please contact me directly and I will personally assist you. I strongly reccomend that you check the Holiday Inn Express, a facility owned by SDC Members and located less than three miles away from the HOST RESORT and running an hourly trolly service to the Meet Headquarters hourly.

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