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    Forum: I need so references in remanufactured safety glass. Preferably ones who make a more clear glass than the greenish tint to it. I've used Phillips Classic Auto Glass in poplar Bluff MO he can only get the greenish glass.

    I had the front windshield of the 61 Lark crack after we cut it for the custom job, not the suppliers fault. The back one turned out perfectly, the windows will be tinted that's why the greenish in the back won't be a big deal. However if possible I really don't like it for the front windshield, and since it cracked I thought I'd try to find what I really want, with your help.


    Chop Stu
    61 Lark


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    Check your local glass shop. Believe it or not, they can get vintage glass if they want to be bothered. Heck, they'll install it for you too.

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      During the South Bend National I purchased CLEAR vent windows from a two guys in the building behind the stands. I do not know their company name but I believe they had clear windshields also. Maybe one or two of the guys here on the forum will remember who they were.


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        I bought my windshield from chuck collins at I havent put it in yet but he is really helpful and easy to deal with. You might want to try them out.

        Glendora, California


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          I was going to buy my windshield from Phillips and have my local installer put it in. Then I thought, if I just let the local guys do the whole thing, any breakage or leakage would be on their shoulders. The price worked out pretty much the same and, they got the glass from......Phillips!

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            Unfortunately, most current manufacturers have eliminated clear windshields from their production. That's not saying someone isn't still making them. I know some can still be had for some of the more popular (say F*rd and Ch*bby) vintage windshields where originality is a must. And I think some manufacturers may still do it upon request. I'd say your best bet would be AGP. Which used to stand for Auto Glass Peru, but now stands for American Glass Products! Same company--South America is still America!!! But your windshield is not real popular

            Don't tell your glass man I said this, but that should have never happened.[B)] If it cracked from the heat he was applying to stretch the vinyl innerlayer, he applied too much heat!!!! LESS heat, more patience. Around California, all ya gotta do is leave it out in the sunshine a while and it will stretch enough to get a blade in there to cut it. Denatured alcohol is used in colder weather.

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            (read it backwards)

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              Most all of the glass I have had reproduced is available in clear or green tint. Some windshields are available in green tint with a blue shade at the top. Example, Avanti and C and K cars.
              The glass I have had made I used stock used glass as patterns. The glass I do not have I have not found original pattern glass. I need 1953-1962 sedan rear glass,5 NAG pattern types, early and late C cab rear glass for samples.
              Chuck Collins Phoenix AZ


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                I got a replacement windshield from this vendor with "0" issues. He is in Idaho.


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