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58 President 2 door hard top

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  • 58 President 2 door hard top

    1958 President 2 door hard top,, Does anyone know how to find out how many of these cars are left? I know 1171 were made plus some Packards, but how many remain?

    Jim Rostron
    Jim Rostron

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    I'm sure some 58 President owners will let you know about how many are owned by SDC members, but if your question is "Is there a way to find out how many actually exist?" -- then the answer is no. No national data bases of car ownership can account for cars that have been unregistered for years. Also, some states no longer show the makes of some orphan brands, just listing them as "other".

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC
    Skip Lackie


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      Yeah - no way to even get a decent guess. Who knows how many are in (or behind) barns, in weeds, in old wrecking yards! Even counting the number listed via memberships in SDC (the club roster) only shows the ones people care to tell about.[|)]

      Miscreant Studebaker nut in California's central valley.

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        Mnmfive - I have a Parade Red and Parchment White '58 Commander H/T. Do you own one of these cars or are you researching one? Just curious... I've scoured the internet and come up with very little about my car. The production order I got from the Studebaker Museum was insightful to my own car, but didn't offer a "your car is a 1 of #" car like the Marti reports do for the Mustang crowd (not that I expected that from the musuem). has the most info and pics in one place that i've found. These cars are pretty rare... and for some reason unloved lol. I like mine a lot though. [^]

        Chris Salisbury
        Hutto/Austin, TX

        1958 Commander Starlight Hardtop