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Crossmember for the Daytona

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  • Crossmember for the Daytona

    Joe and I went out to the place where we both left some parts cars a few years ago. I was happy to find that the cars were still there because after all these years, I would not have blamed the landowner if he had sold them for scrap.
    I expected a fight getting the transmission crossmember out, but the floor had rusted around the end bolts and the others gave up quickly! Joe had it on the ground before I got the pictures taken. I knew he was good for something!
    I snapped a few pictures. When the trucks were brought out here this was a pasture with a few scattered trees that a friend of my father-in-law kept parts cars on from his repair business. If they had not been just recently selling off a few car bodies, i don't know if we could have gotten in there to the car.

    Joe getting it done.


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