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Best way to cover a missing windshield?

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    The best way would probably be to install a used windshield that might come with a reusable rubber gasket. I have a good friend who is like a jack of all trades------ McGuyver type of guy [actually a carpenter] and his suggestion is to attach a 4-12 pitch roof with at least a 1 1/2 foot overhang on the sides and eave ends. You might try to fasten it with bungee cords, duck tape, mighty putty, super glue. Magnets should work great too. Gutters and downspouts would be an option. I would recommend 30 year shingles. You might want to use this for your next project. If not you could always sell it on E-Bay listed as a "Windshield Eliminator" Chevy-Mopar-RatRod. jimmijim
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      You didn't indicate whether the project involves repainting the car. Don't ever put a plastic sheet or tarp directly on a painted surface that you want to protect. The combination of heat, moisture and chafing from the wind will destroy contact areas of the paint in a matter of a week or so. You can put a plastic cover over a soft cloth cover but lash it well to minimize wind flapping. Woven and coated plastic tarps are particularly abrasive if the woven side is down and it's not two-side coated.


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        Heh - heh... I had one of those car covers that frequents ebay. You know - the one's that claim to fit various models of Studebakers?
        The Califgornia sun reduced it to superfine grey powder in about 6 months time!
        Dick probably found some of that powder when he was detailing the Daytona he got from me![xx(]

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