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Ernie Simmons and Studes?

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  • Roscomacaw
    I remember that SAME Air Classics article!

    Miscreant Studebaker nut in California's central valley.

    1957 Transtar 1/2ton
    1960 Larkvertible V8
    1958 Provincial wagon
    1953 Commander coupe
    1957 President two door

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    I've only heard of him in relation to his airplanes, didn't know about the other stuff. There was a big story about him in the first Air Classics magazine I ever bought back in high school days.

    Most of his planes found good homes, primarily in museums and more than a few still waiting in the wings as projects.
    Sadly, not many of his Yales (a fixed gear T-6 Texan variant) are flying.

    63 Avanti R1 2788
    1914 Stutz Bearcat
    (George Barris replica)

    Washington State

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  • Steve T
    started a topic Ernie Simmons and Studes?

    Ernie Simmons and Studes?

    JBoyle's pix post with the White buses, which reminded me of Walt Soplata, gets me thinking of other offbeat collections/collectors of vehicles, and thus to Ernie Simmons, a famous "packrat" in southwestern Ontario (Courtland/Tillsonburg area) who died in 1970. His collection was auctioned on Labour Day weekend of that year. Most famously it included a slew of derelict airplanes (36 Yale trainers and seven Swordfish biplane torpedo bombers); but Ernie collected pretty much everything (trucks, cars, motorbikes, tractors), and is said to have owned quite a few Studebakers. Did a search on here and there had been no previous mention of Ernie...I've tracked a bunch of his airplanes over the years, but have never run across any of the other vehicles. Anyone on here aware of any ex-Simmons Studebakers (or other vehicles) still extant? Anyone actually have a Stude or other vehicle from that collection??