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  • you might be a redneck...

    I went to get one of the cars I was given. It is sitting in front of the 38 buick at the right in the first photo and the frame is resting above the ground!

    a view from above

    a look from behind

    then on the trailer

    Some good champ parts. No drive train.

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    I've seen worse. Looks like the Lark was well worth the effort.

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    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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      Absolutely worth it. I see 59-60 Lark parts like the 2 door rear stainless and a pretty solid car to save if it was just given to you. How did you get it out of there? Looked like a tough spot with a great view. Another '59 saved..


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        How did you get it out of there?

        It still rolled although the tires were flat. I drove in with my old pickup (those aren't scratches they'er "Idaho pin-stripes") and pulled it out. It has some big brackets on the front that must have been used for a tow bar. It was surprizingly easy because its been there for at almost forty years. It was used for a parts car. The other one is a '59 and is sitting near it. I have to go back for it. I knew about the '59 but had no idea this '60 was there till they showed it to me. The yard was so over grown that it was hard just finding a route through the junk strewn through the brush.


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          If this one is a 60 someone put deluxe 59 parts back on this parts car. The turn signals and grill are all '59. So are the front fenders. 60's don't have a Studebaker script on them, they have a Lark VI or VIII. Does it still have the serial no. or body tag on the cowl?


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            Here is the tag on the car.



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     red screw, one white screw. At a guess, someone switched the body tag. Tag should have been body color.

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                When I posted the photo I realized that the tag is the same color as the other car. I don't have photo's of the other one yet but suspect it will have a red tag. When I get the other I will post photos. It isn't as deep in the brush but I have to move another buick and a hilman to get it out.
                Thanks for the info on this one. I will probably be parting them out if anyone is looking for parts. I know the other one is 6 cyl 3sp. but didn't check on OD. Now I'll have to figure out what year it actually is. It has a set of license plates in the trunk from 1966.


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                  Rob; one good clue is that 1960's have the curved one piece body side moulding on the rear quarters and the '59's have a pointed 2 piece one![:0]

                  This car may indeed be a '60 but with the front clip changed to '59.
                  The 1960's have a rear wiring harness (to tail lights & fuel sender)with a disconnect plug at the main harness under the dash, this harness runs INSIDE the car on the floor.

                  If it is truly a '59 it's harness runs along the frame UNDER the car and comes up on the engine side of the firewall to join the main harness.

                  Of course if the Serial number plate is unmolested, and still factory welded on the door post that would tell the truth! [^]

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                    "Hawk" bird emblem in the grill is also a 59' only item for the Lark, 6 or 8 cyl.

                    Dan Miller
                    Atlanta. GA

                    Road Racers turn left AND right.


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                      I cleaned it out today. The wiring goes along the frame. I found a VI emblem in it. SN is not there. I couldn't find it on the hidey spot either but will look more closely. There isn't much rust on the frame. Just surface rust.
                      Mt. Saint Helens did it in on the floors though. Where the ash settled it was still about 3" deep. The floor of the trunk would be in great shape except where it was run with broken chains. The rear fenders appear to be in great shape and the front ones are not too bad by the door.


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                        The rear wiring harness should be the '59 tell tale sign. If it has indeed been sitting there for 40 years it would be odd to have a complete front clip, but not impossible. Can't tell about the rear stainless. White body tag and the serial number tag gone are rather suspect. You have some parts, mapman, that's for certain.