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Car/Airplane show/flyin @ Lancaster, PA (pics)

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  • Car/Airplane show/flyin @ Lancaster, PA (pics)

    The local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association held their annual show at the Lancaster, PA airport yesterday.
    There was approx. 2-300 cars and experimental craft on display. It was a simply beautiful day complete with pancake breakfast at 8am followed by a skydive and free airplane rides for children 8yrs of age and up to help promote interest in flying.
    There were gobs of Ch*vies, F*rds and Chr*slers there but I was looking for one specific brand. I quickened my pace around the tarmac and found three of them. I have no idea who owns them. I believe the owner of the Lark is a member of the Keystone Chapter as he had a plate on the front. This plane below is a 4 seater built all by hand by a friend of mine. He told me he has $8 thou. into the propeller alone and it is a used one. [8)] Jeepers, and I thought I had a lotta bucks wrapped up into my Stude.
    My wife and I also cashed in the tickets we won for a hot air balloon ride over Lancaster Co. this morning.
    Gonna make and have me some home made ice cream for our little gathering this evening. Twas a great weekend. Life is good. Must we go back to work tomorrow?

    Remember our Vets and those who continue to serve on this Memorial Day!

    57 Transtar
    Lancaster, PA

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    Sounds like a nice the 62 Regal droptop.