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Ebay '55 President Interior Question

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  • Ebay '55 President Interior Question

    Wasn't '61 the first year for bucket seats?
    Just curious..
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Yes, 1961 was the first year that Studebaker offered a bucket seat. Even Golden Hawks had bench seats in front and 1955 Studebakers definitely had a front bench seat.


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      True. Those "buckets" don't even look like Studebaker seats. The chrome support arms on the lower portion of the seat backs look more like General Motors bucket seats out of the late 50s or most of the 1960s.

      In that the rear seat assenmbly does look like a 1955-1957 Studebaker C or K body seat, perhaps someone did remove the seats being offered from a 1955 President that had been modifed when it was reupholstered. [8D]BP
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        Bob said just what I was going to add.
        Those bucket seats may have been removed from a 1955 President but they were never installed there in the first place by the Studebaker factory.