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Celebrated May 2-4 by buying more vehicles...

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  • Celebrated May 2-4 by buying more vehicles...

    ...two Studes and a Packard. But, lest you think I've either ingested something hallucinogenic or simply lost my mind...these S-P classics are 1:24 scale! Went to St.Jacobs (touristy town in the Mennonite district of southern Ontario, near Waterloo); visited two antique markets there, found some old S-P magazine ads in the first one, then found diecast after diecast after diecast in the second one. Bought two Stude trucks--a 1916 delivery van in T.Eaton Co. livery and a Canadian Tire-liveried 1938 stakeside (complete with spare flathead engine in the bed!), and one car, a spiffy 1930 Packard V12 boattail roadster. Someday, I hope, I'll have an S-P specific display case for these and various other micro-Studes I keep accumulating...Also found a bunch of vintage photos of aircraft (my other vehicular love), so it turned into a somewhat pricey May 2-4. But, well, one only lives once, doesn't one...