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  • Material for Studebaker tlak/ article

    A while ago I was asked to give a 1 - 2 hour talk on Studebaker at the San Diego Automotive Museum as part of a series. The series was cancelled two months before my turn, due to decreasing attendance.

    I have much material remaiming in storage, but that borrowed from libraries has been returned. I addition, I have TWs other than those needed for the talk.

    Everything is available, lists of articles and the sources, list of photos from TW and much more. The general list of subjects and photos is available to any SDC member. The TWs, both those for the talk and others I have gathered since joining 40+ yers ago may be available for what seems to the the SDC swap-meet price of $2 each, plus shipping.

    Anyone intersted in the talk and/or photo outline can contact me directly. (Maybe I'll post it here if more than a few ask.)

    Karl Haas (PC acting up, so respnse may be delayed.) Phone is 619 - 466 1539, which is also my dial-up number)


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    I'd like to see it.


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      What topics comprised the talk, please?

      Chris Pile
      Midway Chapter SDC
      The Studebaker Special
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