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anyone know this Avanti?

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  • anyone know this Avanti?

    These are quite a few years old,but this car was BAD!!

    The guy was making NHRA licensing passes in it @ 131 Dragway.I believe it was in the 9's IIRC.

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    what I like best about those pics is that it really proves that just about any engine will fit where a Stude V8 was originally.

    I don't know who's Avanti that is, but for sure those were easy sportsman licensing runs if he was only in the nines. Of course no one really goes all out on the licensing runs. It is easy enough to make ~ 1,200 hp on a 540 BBC with a single large centrifugal blower with a carburator and the cabability to run an upper 8 second 1/4 mile - with twin centrifugals and fuel injection an easy and reliable 1,800 to 2,000 hp is on tap. More if you really step on it. Good for low 8 second or quicker 1/4 mile passes. Looks like a 7.50 cert roll cage.


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      AMC mirrors and key hole in door, Avanti II ?