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Alabama Yom law

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  • Alabama Yom law

    A while back someone was asking about the yom law in Alabama. If type
    in "Alabama dept.of revenue news release Sept.27,2006" you will get the details. Does anyone have a 1953 Alabama tag to sell or trade for another year?

    Tex in Alabama
    53 C

    Tex E. Grier

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    I didn't check 'bama's laws on YOM tags, but it was easy as pie here in SC to register the tag for my '61. All I had to do was to send a photo of the tag after calling to make sure it was approved for use, along with 30 bucks, and they sent me a whole new registration and stickers to keep in the glove compartment within a few days. The YOM tag looks really good on the car, too. I just have to keep all the stickers and stuff in the glove box in case I get stopped by some cop who doesn't know that YOM tags are legal on vehicles at least 30 years old, especially if I drive it in a state where YOM tags aren't allowed on local cars.