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An Intro and a request for pricing help

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  • An Intro and a request for pricing help

    Hi folks,

    Before I start, I should say that I emailed Mr Shaw and asked if it was ok to make this posting and received his blessing. I did so because as a member of other forums (related to my hobbies) I know how irritating "drive by" posters can be.

    So ... I am John Bartley and I live in Stittsville, Ontario, just outside Ottawa. I make/made my living as a small engine mechanic/lawn and garden equipment store owner. Many years ago I bought some tools from a friend as a bulk purchase and included with those was a set of reamers which he described as a "line bore" reamer set for a Pierce-Arrow straight-eight gas motor. He was sorta' close. The reamer set is (I'm pretty sure) for in-line six cylinder Studebaker engines and I think is for line-reaming the babbit on the crankshafts after they're poured? I don;t have a need for this set so I advertised it on Kijiji locally and I received an email from a fellow in Toronto who is restoring a "Big-Six" motor. Neither of us have any idea what this is worth and he seems from the tone of his emails to feel pretty much the way I do - willing to pay a fair price for a fair return. I have some pictures up at Photobucket and will gratefully accept any and all opinions (and I know they're opinions only) about what a fair value "might" be. I will say up front that if a fair value is a couple of hundred bucks I'd probably just keep them and use them myself for my own machining projects. On the other mind changes more often as I get older

    Here's the photos link:

    cheers all and thank you in advance for you patience and your opinions

    John Bartley
    Stittsville, Ontario

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    Rather than sell them and they only get one use, perhaps a rental fee could be established, the Toronto gentleman could get his bearings reamed and others could benefit from your service.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe
    '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
    (Under Construction) 203 hrs.
    '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
    All Indiana built cars


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      Thank you for your suggestion. It's an excellent idea and one that I will explore with this person.

      Thank you also to the gentleman who emailed with private information (telephone numbers) for a couple of contacts who are knowledgeable about these sorts of things. I will be responding to him and to these contacts today.

      cheers and thank you again!!