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    Though I am no longer actively looking to buy Studebaker STP cans, I still watch them on e-Bay. Approximately 6 months ago a single can sold for over $100, but today a guy couldn't even get a $.99 opening bid on one. The last three that I have watched have gone without a bid.

    However, the market still appears strong on the racks, even the later ones. The Studebaker ones are still bring $100+ and the '70's era ones are in the $70-$90 range. Maybe people don't have the excess cash that they did last year.

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    Ya Think???

    Money is tight, people are not spending. Our "feel good" shirt business from Wall Street companies is down over 80%. Used to be if somebody at Goldman Sachs put together a deal we would print 500 t-shirts per deal. If there was an IPO we would print portfolios and if there was a managemnet meeting somewhere for employees to attend to get brain washed by JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and the rest we would be booming.

    No screen printer I know are accepting any politcal shirts if the party's want terms.

    I am sitting on "rare" railroad books that were selling for $135 to $450 a copy two years ago. I went to see the "market" on E-bay, all of my books are their by others' and they are not pulling even cover price.