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Bought a 64 Wagonaire today.

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  • Bought a 64 Wagonaire today.

    I found a cool 64 Wagonaire the other day. It was parked outside an Auto Repair shop. Naturally, I stopped by and talked to the owner about it. Turned out to be a rust free, good running 259 Automatic with great interior, good glass and good body panels. Drove it onto the trailer as the brakes seem to be about the only major area to work on. They work, kinda, sorta, but not enough to drive it home. I guess its time to learn how to post pix here. This one is a real gem. My son fell in love with it. He's already planning a drive-in movie date with his girlfriend. I'm going to try to get the brakes done this week.

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    Cool!!! Pictures are no problem, just load them to Photobucket (or a similar hosting site). Once that is done, right click on the picture, then click on "Properties" and copy the URL. Then come to this site, click on the "mountain" icon above (4th from the right) and insert the URL between the bracketed IMG. Hit preview to see if it worked and we should see it. If that doesn't work, send them to me and I will post.

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      Welcome to the waggin nation.

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        quote:Originally posted by sals54

        . My son fell in love with it. He's already planning a drive-in movie date with his girlfriend.
        You do know Sal, that a twin size mattress will fit in the back of a wagonaire[}] Don't ask me how I know.[:0]


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          I hope we're not going to get pictures of THAT. JK


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            Sounds like you've got a real find. Good luck with it.

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              I agree:

              1. Good buy!

              2. Pictures please![8D]

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