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Hit with an ugly stick! eBay Custom Stude

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    Chops are fine for someone Matthew's size. I can't drive a Model A truck without turning my head sideways to see, I can't imagine trying to drive this car.

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      That car is pretty cool. It is obvious that a lot of work went into it. Not an improvement on the original, for sure, but I do not think that was the builder's intention. It was more just to build a custom, chopped Stude. More power to the builder. It is something I certainly would move in for a close inspection if I ever saw it in person.

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        Well, I'll try to sway from the negative comments on this vehicle but will just my new neighborhood is wonderful as I no longer have to look at cars like that no longer.

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          I don't think it is a '53! I'm thinking it might be a '52 body. All of a sudden it doesn't become such a mortal sin anymore.
          I love customs, and to me a customized '50 Merc is one of the most beautiful cars ever. This Stude was built to emulate a car from that 'lead sled' era, and it does it pretty well, although I'm not wild about some of the styling cues used.

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            Dwain, you may be right. Some '53 parts in there, but main body looks different like a '52. I really enjoy the many '53 custom efforts I've seen from this to the convertibles. I can't tell if it's the uneven gold paint or if it has some dents as you look down the sides, but I see it didn't draw bids to come close to the amount of work that probably went into it. I don't agree with picking on anyone's custom car effort, nor do I agree with censoring opinions as long as they are respectful. I don't see the point in being mean, not knowing what had gone into something like this, so I agree with Bams. Some may not understand the point of some custom cars, but I appreciate them all for the work and inner vision attempted. Some fall short and some are beautiful in the eyes of different beholders.
            A Pontiac guy told me my car looked like a guppy in the front end the other day. Can't please everyone!