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Badenoch, Ontario Swap Meet

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  • Badenoch, Ontario Swap Meet

    Any body going to the Badenoch (Ontario) swap meet this weekend?

    Just wondering if anybody is going to be there.


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    I'm in.

    Roger "153624" Hill

    55 Champion
    47 M-5
    Izzer Buggy
    Junior Wagon
    Roger Hill

    60 Lark Vlll, hardtop, black/red, Power Kit, 3 spd. - "Juliette"
    61 Champ Deluxe, 6, black/red, o/d, long box. - "Jeri"
    Junior Wagon - "Junior"

    "In the end, dear undertaker,
    Ride me in a Studebaker"


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      Yep, I intend being there with my '62 Lark; I'll be there anyway even if the Lark isn't! I'll be the only guy there wearing a shirt that says "Don't Drive Impaired...Drive Totally Stude". (I only wear those at Stude-centric events where I know everyone will get the pun and not think I'm encouraging something wrongheaded...)


      Steve T


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        Lots of folks will be attending from the Hamilton Chapter, and I can guarantee the Ontario chapter will be well represented..

        It was well supported last year and I expect this year will be no different...

        Barry Leppan
        Burlington, Ont. Canada
        64 Daytona HT 5-spd
        64 GT Hawk R-1/AC/Powershift
        Barry Leppan
        Ontario, Canada
        64 Daytona R-1 Convertible & 64 GT Hawk R-1
        GT Hawk Registry & SDC, Hamilton Chapter [IMG]


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          Sounds good guys, I was wondering how big it was going to be since Badenoch is a pretty small town.

          I'll be the guy looking for a cheap used M/C to temporarily put in my 55 so I can safely move it.



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            I wanted to go , but have work all week end, out here in Oshawa.Was hoping to go, im looking for a fuel sending unit for my 51 champ.


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              i will be there too . hope to meet some of you. i will be bringing a hawk hood for sale


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                Yes, I'll be there too, probably making coffee.

                Yes, should be some Stude parts for everyone. The real big advantage to a local meet like this is that if you can't find a part, by talking to folks around, you will find a source for your part.

                Yes, Badenoch Community Centre may be a little small, but I think it is well-placed with lots of Studebaker people living within an hour.

                As always, there are some surprises: we may see a 1928 Studebaker/ Bickle Fire Truck from the Acton Fire Department. Earl Randall will be giving us a talk on Carburetor rebuilding.

                Rain or shine. (Hopefully SHINE!!) FREE !!!!

                If you have any complaints, talk to me so I can do a better job next year!

                Paul Revell


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                  What time does it start and end? I hope to be there


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                    Good to meet pretty much everyone on this thread today at Badenoch. Betty the '62 Lark made the trip up from Hamilton without trouble, joining four other Lark series cars and the Acton FD's marvelous Studebaker-Bickle fire engine at what was my "maiden" SDC swap meet.

                    As I noted on the other thread, I find I've fallen in with a sterling group of folk here. I'd scarcely arrived before Bob Barrick collared me and handed me a touchup bottle of '60 Gulfstream Blue; my '62 is (I know not why) painted that non-62 colour, as was the lovely '60 Bob used to own...and Betty has a chip here and a scrape there in her fine, but old, paintwork.

                    Then as I'm prepping to depart, Betty suffered an electrical gremlin attack and wouldn't turn over. Riding to the rescue came Bob Easton and Russ Carnes (sp?)...Bob troubleshot two generator problems (a detached groundwire and a missing bolt) lickety split, while Russ gave the Lark a jump from his Metro. That got me on my way. I'd have had nary a clue about either of the problems Bob spotted in seconds. And not content with rescuing my generator, Bob drove most of the way back to Hamilton in close proximity to my car in case anything else went awry. (Happily, nothing did.)

                    Gentlemen--my hat's off to you and my thanks are both profuse and sincere!

                    Oh, and did I find any items I could use? You bet. Took a long look at Todd's Lark two-door rear quarters (and some trim bits and NOS hubcaps)...may very well end up acquiring them just in case. Found a '66 trunk lock that may prove adaptable to my car (the key to the original lock is gone) and a pair of seatframe cover plates. And Bob Easton figures again in the coolest find. Two rolled-up carpets were on one end of his table. Now Betty's carpeting is, um, rather nonstandard (to be polite). These carpets of Bob's were blue...surely not...Geez, yes, full carpets, the right colour, for a Lark two-door! Before long Betty's whole interior will be blue again like it oughta be...

                    All in all, a day--and not really all that much money--well spent!




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                      I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to put a face to the names. Even my son said "I like the atmosphere here"! I want Bob's Daytona!


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                        Hey Todd....just put a check in the mail for you thanks again . Hope you sold all your stuff !
                        It was good to see some old faces and meet a couple of new people too . Todd don't completely get out of Studebakers , the clubs need guys like you with your enthusiasm . I was a little disappointed in the turn out at the swap meet , I sure hope it didn't have to do with gas prices ! Suppose time will tell but a good indicator will be this coming weekend in South Bend , anyways thanks again Todd , will keep in touch ( let you know if I ever sell my Daytona )

                        HOME of THE FRIED GREEN TOMATO
                        "IF YOU WANT THE SMILES YOU NEED TO DO THE MILES "

                        1950 2R5
                        1960 Champ
                        1964 Daytona HT

                        Home of the Fried Green Tomato

                        "IF YOU WANT THE SMILES YOU NEED TO DO THE MILES "

                        1960 Champ , 1966 Daytona , 1965 Daytona Wagonaire


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                          Hi all--

                          Belatedly got a selection of Badenoch meet pix onto CD, thence onto Photobucket...herewith a couple, all going well...

                          Badenoch Community Centre, a Victorian stone schoolhouse, with the Acton FD's Studebaker-Bickle firetruck out front:

                          Bob Barrick's lovely 64 Daytona HT:

                          A closer view of Acton FD's splendid Stude firetruck:

                          The firetruck's "mill":

                          My 62 Lark: