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  • Parts to South Bend ?

    Hope it's ok to post this here.

    South Bend Swap Meet: I need to unload a lot of miscellaneous parts and part of the list is below.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in any of the following so I'll know if I need to haul them to SB. If you need a ball park price on an item(s), email me:

    New Edelbrock carbs-500 and 600 cfm (New and remanufactured)

    Aluminum radiator out of the '51

    Stock '51 radiator

    New Lark/T Cab radiator

    T-86 with overdrive for '51 through '57

    Same but with a Jeep top shifter

    T-86 without overdrive

    T-86 with overdrive for '58 through '66

    Two T-10 four Speeds wide ratio early pattern and late pattern

    Bell Housing for pick up trucks with three speed

    New aluminum flywheel with 10.5 Clutch and disc

    Powertrax Lock Right (this will turn your single pull rear into a Twin Traction)

    Stock rebuilt rocker arms with shafts and stands ready to install

    Roller rockers (Harland Sharp and Rocker Arm Specialists)

    Ford 1.76 rockers made for Stude application

    New Comp Roller Lifters

    R oil pan with pan breather tube, special #4 main bolts and plate

    Rebuilt V8 oil pumps (early & late)

    Heads with R 3 valves, R 2+ springs, etc.

    Lark fiberglass fenders ('61-'63)

    Turning Wheels for the past several years PLUS Dick Datson publications, etc. (This stack measures about 20" high by 24" wide and 34" long!)

    New and good used 44 axles

    ATI V8 crank damper

    Avanti Damper

    Lark/Hawk R Damper

    JTS bare block

    Standard 289 pistons (nos)

    AFB Intake Manifold

    V8 header plates

    Rebuilt 12 volt V8 starter for stick

    Flightomatic transmission (worked when taken out but probably should be rebuilt)

    Various ring and pinions (3.31, 4.27, 4.55, etc.)

    Complete 44 rear ends

    Disc brake set up

    Trans adapter for GM trans.

    Good Avanti gas tank

    '51 intake manifold with carb

    Miscellaneous motorcycle parts (spark plugs, chains, oil filters, etc.--CHEAP!)

    Have several other items I'd like to sell but figure this list is plenty.


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    I would be interested in a Dana 44 Twin Traction, R Series oil pan and the Lark/Hawk Dampner. I am currently running 3.31:1 rear end. I want to take my car to the PSMCDR this September (hope it's warmer this year) I'm in the last stages of installing a Nimesh built R2 with a powershift in my 64 hawk. I would like to get my hands on a 3.73 or a 3.56 before September.

    I'll be in South Bend for the swap meet

    1964 GT Hawk R2 Clone
    Oakville, Ontario.

    Hamilton Chapter
    See you at Niagara 2008 Crossroads Zone Meet July 18-20
    1964 GT Hawk
    PSMCDR 2014
    Best time: 14.473 sec. 96.57 MPH quarter mile
    PSMCDR 2013
    Best time: 14.654 sec. 94.53 MPH quarter

    Victoria, Canada


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      I'd sure like that Lark radiator! Too bad I can't make SB[V]

      Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
      Parish, central NY 13131

      "Some people live for the rules, I live for exceptions"- 311

      "With your Lark you're on your own, free as a bird, alive as a Lark. You've suddenly discovered that happiness is a thing called Larking!"


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        Oh Ted,
        Do you have any yokes that go on the rear of the T-10's? We're mighty interested in picking one up in SB.....

        1964 Studebaker Commander R2 clone
        1963 Studebaker Daytona Hardtop with no engine or transmission
        1950 Studebaker 2R5 w/170 six cylinder and 3spd OD
        1955 Studebaker Commander Hardtop w/289 and 3spd OD and Megasquirt port fuel injection(among other things)


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          Yes, I have one.


          [quote]Originally posted by PlainBrownR2

          Oh Ted,
          Do you have any yokes that go on the rear of the T-10's? We're mighty interested in picking one up in SB.....