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  • Another Stude Lives!

    We finally made it to the big day... 7 weeks into the project, we planned a "welcome back" party and had friends and family over Sunday afternoon for support and the Flight Hawk started after some sputtering (which came after I remembered the bit about cleaning off the points to get spark).

    She runs BEAUTIFULLY! Now to find tires and finish the brakes and we'll be on the road!

    Just had to share the great news! I'm having a blast. Never saw a generator before, much less had to take one apart to get mudwasp nests out of it!


    Fayetteville, AR

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    That's the fun part of any restoration, the first start, the first move under its own power, the first pleasure drive. Rose, keep at it, you have a lot of great news to share ahead, please keep us posted.
    You guys often rib me about not keeping Studebakers very long, but when the car is done, I'm done. I'm like the doctor that gets you out of your coma, once you're out of the hospital and vertical, I roll the next patient in. I get to feel the rush of "firsts" a lot more that way. I even got a tiny one running the top up and down with the new motor on the convert.

    JDP Maryland


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      That's neat Rose.
      Our Zone meet is this weekend in Tulsa Ok. Be lots of Studebakers and Stude' people there come join the fun, Need more infro send me a email



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        Good to hear that you're making progress. Joe and I really enjoyed talking to you and Fred at the meeting. I look forward to seeing your Hawk someday before too long.

        1952 Champion Starlight, 1962 Daytona. Searcy,Arkansas
        "In the heart of Arkansas."
        Searcy, Arkansas
        1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
        1952 2R pickup


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          Starting he up was a blast! Just a little smokey until all the oil burned out of the exhaust. I was really amazed. I ran him/her (not sure which yet)[] through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Both axles turn!

          Rose forgot to mention that the horn works!



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            Rose, congrats, and enjoy.
            JDP - interesting comment. I thought I was abnormal. Once they're right, the thrill fades. I always get more excited about the next one.

            San antonio TX. 53 Champion Coupe, to be brought back from the dead.
            "Of course it will fit, I have a torch"


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              Rose Fred,
              Congratulations. Remember pictures pictures pictures!

              Gary Sanders
              Nixa, MO
              President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
              Gary Sanders
              Nixa, MO


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                [quote]Originally posted by OzarkPetunia

                Never saw a generator before, much less had to take one apart to get mudwasp nests out of it!


                ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????

                Rose; Congratulations on getting your Flight Hawk breathing. Long live Flight Hawks!!! But, I have never heard of a "mudwasp". Back here in Central Virginia we have "mud dobbers". Wonder if they're kin??[]

                Frank Drumheller
                Louisa, VA
                60S-W6 w/od
                '48 M16-52 Studebaker/Boyer fire truck
                plus Studebaker Santuary


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                  I told you!!!!!!! You guys are a fabulos pair. WishI had known you back home. But we are here and we're going to have fun.


                  studedick from the lower Ozarks


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                    Well, Frank, I'm a transplant to Arkansas from the cities of Southern California and I'd have to say the the biggest issue for me has been the BUGS. I grew up with scaaaaaaary things like the occasional mosquito and the med-fly. Then we move here where the bugs ATTACH TO YOU and suck your blood! MY GOODNESS!! My co-workers made fun of me for weeks when I found a HUGE shiny winged bug on the warehouse floor and had to take pictures (cicada?).

                    I've heard the "mudwasps" called "mud dobbers", but they LOOK like wasps so I called 'em as I saws 'em.

                    I'm still learning the lingo. So if you'll 'scuse me, I'm fixin' to get m'self s'more coffee.

                    Dick, thanks for the kind words! We're looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it in Mt Home on May 3rd. Gary, I have a video of the starting up but I'm still struggling to get it to upload to Photobucket.


                    Fayetteville, AR