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Vehicle Rosters... Where's the link?

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    I had thought of doing something similar with the horse drawn vehicles. The problem is that many are now missing their tags, steps and other identifying markings. Coupled with the fact that over 1,000,000 were built, there were literally dozens of models and no VIN tags makes the task daunting. Besides, I would imagine that most are with horse people and not Studebaker collectors.

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      quote:Originally posted by klifton1

      I have a couple of old Speedster registeries. I had intentions of starting it up again but it will be vary time consuming. Are you interested in doing it?
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      Actually I was just looking to turn in my info to help make the roster one more car complete.

      Is there a way I could help without taking over the entire responsibility? Maybe behind the scenes data entry and record keeping?

      I haven't had mine all that long, and am not an expert on these cars yet by any means.


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        im new to the forum and 4 years ago when my dad died i inherited the colletion of studebakers (62 champ truck, 64 daytona, 65 daytona, and my favorite 53 land cruiser. I'm also a web designer so i might be willing to take on the task of creating an online registry, with some help of course. let me as this....what would a registry do for 50's owners?