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    Like many people I read in bed at night. While some read novels, for me it's always car stuff.

    Lately I've been reading the SI catalog cover to cover. I've been repeatedly amazed at the sheer magnitude and variety of parts available within- NOS and repro[:0] I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir here, but for those who don't know, here's a random sampling of just a few items listed in their 246 page catalog:

    Heater duct hoses
    Entire clutch linkage, parts or assembly
    Ornament buttons for Cruiser seats
    Column shifter and heater knobs
    Plastic shifter indicator dials
    Seal kits for air vents
    Radiator support assembly for Avanti
    Windshield wiper drive arms
    King pin kits
    Tons of correct decal repops
    Seat belts, and the correct emblems for same
    Even plastic fender spears for 62 Hawks

    And this is just a tiny fraction of what's available... youve got to see it to believe it!

    Another bonus- they offer several package deals at discounted prices: For example, you can get individual weatherstripping pieces for your car; but if you want the whole set, they offer a package deal at a discount! There are several packages like that- interior, suspension, brakes, etc. Another great deal is the "Restorer's Package"- You pay for it up front, and order what you need, as you need it. The amount is deducted from what you paid, at a 15% discount! No time limit; take as long as you like. See the catalog for details- a must-have if you're doing a resto!

    We have so many great vendors, all across the country, for most anything you'd need; and SI is a shining example, and probably the biggest. Thanks to Ed Reynolds for this great company, and for all the vendors that make life SO much easier for those of us improving our beloved Studebakers[^]

    Yesterday I had an old buddy say, "Studebakers, huh? I heard those are almost impossible to get parts for." BOY, did I educate him!!

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    Even better... they have all kinds of stuff that never makes the catalog. Just ask. Recently I was disappointed when I got out-bid on e-bay for a glass dome light for my 51 Champion (mine was chipped/cracked). None of the vendors have them listed, and I thought I'd be waiting months for another opportunity to bid on one, and maybe lose out. During a phone call to Studebaker International for some other stuff, I happened to ask if they ever get these (I had the part number handy). 90 seconds later, one was added to my order, for $10 less than I bid on e-bay! Got it in 3 days.

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      Yes. By all means, call if what you need isn't in the catalog. They have many "ones and twos" and it doesn't make any sense to list a Studebaker-specific item of which only one or two are available and restocking is questionable when those have been sold. BP
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        Paul really has a good point about asking vendors for parts not listed in their catalog - vendors continue to buy inventory after the catalog is printed. For those that ask for non-listed part numbers it is like getting a pre-catalog sale.

        I have been pleasantly surprised by SI on an unlisted part. I had a part I was looking for, that was not listed in their catalog. I called them, and they said they didn't have any available. A short while later I received a box from SI with the part I was looking for! I'm not sure if they found the part on their shelf or another vendor's shelf - I did appreciate their efforts.


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          Another great thing is that they've made the catalog downloadable as a .pdf. An absolutely great resource.

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            I've spent so much money there over the years on stuff I needed, even when it was Packard Farms. Remind me not to drive there and see what I didn't know they had!!! Now if only the NOS wiring harness hadn't gone up in price since the last catalog. When you run out of stuff to read at night, Bams, compare those some night.. I should have bought it when I had the chance, but Sasco said they still had some and couldn't find them yet, so I waited. Much better price. Bird in the hand...I know.


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              I always kinda chuckle when someone carps that they can't find this or that in SI's or some other Stude parts catalog. We're talkin' Studebakers here - not '57 Che*ys or '65 Mustangs. The onesies and twosies are still out there, you actually have to make the effort of writing or calling and asking.

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