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    I've been wondering where I can get a large emroidered Studebaker patch for a jacket.Found one! How many of us are coming directly to the forums without taking a look at the home page once in a while? There's a lot to see there.
    Tech tips galore,lots of info. Pictures of the club store new items that will make you want some new t-shirts,not like the tiny black and white pics in TW[spring t-shirt weather will be here soon]
    Take a look at the home page

    "Studebaker? It must be hard to find parts for those!"

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    The SDC has always been more than just an entrance to the forum. You are correct in syaing you might be amazed as to the amount of information you will find there. As an example, are you looking for a Studebaker activity in another part of the country? If you are, look at at the activities site. Want to find out about the International Meet in September? Go directly to the meet site via the SDC Home page. Yes, there is a lot to see on the HOME PAGE of the SDC>
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      Thanks for the plugs. Yes, we invite everyone to poke around the ENTIRE website. You might find some pretty useful stuff once in a while. For example:

      You can download a TW classified ad order form so you don't have to photocopy or tear the page out of your beloved issue. (Remember, every SDC member gets one free ad per year), PLUS download a growing number of other resources from the SDC Judging Manual to Meet Insurance forms.

      You'll find complete contact listings of your SDC elected officers, Directors, Zone Coordinators, and Regional Managers; PLUS, chapter listings for every state, province and worldwide.

      The SDC Store (managed by Bill Glass aka Bondobilly) was mentioned and deserves a visit. As warmer weather approaches (well, for us up north) everyone should have a couple of official SDC logo shirts to help "get the word out". Check out the SDC license plate frames. Those puppies may cost more than you're used to for a plate frame but it is really high quality and worth every penny. The picture doesn't do it justice.

      Also, check out the "Studebaker Pictures" page...links to some great albums with many photos taken at meets. If you maintain an ongoing Studebaker album, send me the link and I'll add yours to the list.

      Explore, discover, enjoy.


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