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What does this trim number mean?

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  • What does this trim number mean?

    I posted this on the Thec. Site but, have not recived an answer yet.

    What does the 7902 M trim number mean on the Production Order that I got from our GREAT MUSEUM? What color was my interior?


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    Ok. Nobody knows... where do I go to get an answer?



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      IF there was a known current roster keeper for these cars, that might be a place to go.
      One purpose of a roster would be to help you locate the owner of a car similar to yours, who you could then contact and exchange information with.
      I looked, and am very surprised that I couldn't find any mention of a 1953 roster since the 1970s.

      Dwain G.
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        You mean to tell me Dwain... Nobody has kept a record of 1953 Studebakers since 1970? What is up with that? WOW!!
        Can you tell me who used to keep the roster and (maybe) how to contact them? Is this information even out there?

        Just maybe, I need to start this up again. I just can't belive no one out there cares enough to keep a record of this ground-breaking car...



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          What are all of your numbers on the production order? If you scan that and show it, there are folks who will give their best effort as to what you had on that car originally, Steve. Studebaker Wheel is particularly adept at sorting out the important code numbers for your questions if he sees this. Some of them are just in-house codes for the factory line. Don't get too frustrated, the answers are close.


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            I am guessing that maybe wmsteve is talking about a '53-'54 Starliner HT and Starlight Coupe roster?

            My own personal thought on why this never happened is this, in the beginning members were only considering doing this time consuming task of keeping all the names, addresses, phone numbers, serial numbers, body and engine numbers, paint and interior info and maintaining it, because the model was very unique, very rare and very few exist like Jet Thrust Super Larks/Hawks, '57 Golden Hawk 400's, Speedsters and Packard Hawks, Conestoga Wagons. This is what makes the task do-able! [^]

            Can you imagine what a task it would be to keep a roster of something as common as a '63 GT Hawk? Everybody has one or more, just like the '53-'54 C & K 's, sure they are the coolest most beautiful car ever made, but among SDC members they were never considered rare! [:0]

            Now maybe things have changed over the years as the quantity has dwindled some, and with the advent of home computers the task would be do-able! [^]

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              The last keeper of a roster that would include the '53s that I can find was Jo Sawatzky in Winnepeg. He is listed as the keeper of a '53-'55 cars roster through the '70s and into the '80s, but his name stops appearing in the member roster in the mid-'80s.

              Dwain G.
              Another thing about wearing a mask......I don't have to shave before I leave the house!


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                Jo Sawatzki is a "she". I'm sure an older Buffalo Chapter member would be able to help find her. She was National Secretary of SDC and a Zone Coordinator for years. Address 30 years ago was 865 Jessie Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3M 0Z7.

                The November 1978 Turning Wheels lists all of the then-kept rosters. Matthew won't believe this, but there were 67 rosters in all!!
                A Don Stone of Colorado Springs was keeping a '54 Coupe list.

                And, yes, there was a '62 G.T. Hawk roster. Must have been a lu-lu, because at that time, it was the most popular car in SDC.

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