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Another Scam!

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  • Another Scam!

    This one has a -1 feedback, and the entire description block is clickable... not to mention it's supposed to be BIN, but has no button- just a direct e-mail[}]

    We've probably all seen this before; but just in case, beware!

    Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
    Parish, central NY 13131

    "With your Lark you're on your own, free as a bird, alive as a Lark. You've suddenly discovered that happiness is a thing called Larking!"

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    send it to and they will remove it

    27 commander 47 M5 50 2dr 51 conv. 50 starlite 37 coupe express


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      I remember that the "supposed" owner was trying to sell it
      himself last fall, on eBay, after failing to sell it at "Hot
      August Nights" in Reno and was completely unware that his
      vehicle had been used as scam, in the previous months.

      glen Brose - Perkinsville, AZ


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        GREAT NEWS!!! Someone got wise and got it taken down as it is now gone.
        sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past