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Studebaker 'Almost' Cracks Top 10

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  • Studebaker 'Almost' Cracks Top 10

    Here's a good survey!..
    'Brand' most desired to be resurrected...
    Studebaker: #11

    Way to go!

    Brand resurrection is a tough business, and 12% of respondents didn't select a defunct brand that they would bring back to life. Rounding out the top five responses were PanAm, Atari, TWA, and Cingular, while others mentioned still living brands, such as Tab and Howard Johnson (ouch!). Coming in at #11? Studebaker! Food for thought.

    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    1. None
    2. Pan Am
    3. ATARI
    4. TWA
    5. Cingular

    6. Oldsmobile
    7. Marathon
    8. Compaq
    8. IBM
    9. MG

    9. Polaroid
    9. Baniff
    10. Eaton's
    11. Studebaker
    12. Netscape

    13. Ansett
    13. Fresca
    14. Amena
    14. Plymouth
    14. TAB

    JDP Maryland


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      This is a little off topic, but I have noticed while walking around car shows like Hershey and Carlisle, that a lot of people say Studebaker out loud when they walk by one. They don't seem to do it when they walk by a Ford or Chevy.

      I was walking with a friend, and he noticed it too.

      Leonard Shepherd


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        Glad to here Studebaker is on the list (just to keep this on topic) But Polaroid is not dead yet. The company along with Zink Corp has resurrected the Polaroid brand with the instant pocket printer. Utilizing bluetooth and USB instant pictures can be printed from your camera,cell phone etc. Film paper loaded with instant ink produces picture just like the good old days. Ya know "shakin it like a polaroid picture". I just love that Outcast song.

        Here the link to the pocket printer. Great for taking those picture that you want to leave behind with friends at the next Studebaker meet.

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        Oakville, Ontario.

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          Well, now that Toyota bought the Oldsmobile brand, that one should become resurrected....

          '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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            Should I throw away my IBM stock?