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  • Another one comes out of the woodwork...

    I got this email yesterday. Gotta love the internet.

    Matthew, I was just fooling around on the web and thought I'd check to see if there was anything on Studillacs, and ran up on your site. First off, I was the second owner of a 53 Coupe with a 58 Cad. The car was built by Dick Griffin, a private commercial pilot, in Lansing Michigan In 1958-9. It had an automatic trans, dual electric fuel pumps, Hi-Torq limited slip differential, side pipes with caps for city driving and Commander power brakes. The only thing to set it off from stock was the pipes which exited just outside of the front wheel wells and the little 2 inch fins from the first Hawks. Dick ran the car at Daytona and hit 150.3 MPH before the front end started to float and he had to back it down. Dick also had many friends and contacts at GM so he sold me the Coupe and built a super sneaker Chevy station wagon which he raced for several years in the midwest area. I took the car with me when I went into the army and raced it at Blackstone Dragway in Petersburg Virginia. My best time for the 1/4 mile was 93 mph at 12.9 seconds. I was transferred to Chicago and on the way had a wreck in Penn. when an idiot lady with a car full of kids ran a stop street and I chose the ditch rather than T-bone the whole family. The local Shyster auto repair shop "fixed" the car, and I eventually got it back from the Cops after paying a ticket for 'careless driving'. My boss was moving the car in our office parking lot after work one evening, and went for the brake when his fat gut got in the way and he slammed the gas petal instead of the brake!!! More front end damage.. Before I went overseas I took the car back to Michigan and parked it at a friends house. The story gets confusing at that point. Some folks said the car was seen at the local drags for a while and from there it faded away. That's the story in a nut shell, I'd love to get my hands on it again. It was a super cruiser and idled along at 80 turning 2300 RPM! If you ever hear of a similar car for sale, please let me know. Carl

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    Matthew Burnette
    '59 Scotsman
    '63 Daytona
    Hazlehurst, GA

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    Something wrong with the 12.9 seconds and only 93 MPH, it should be over 105 or so.

    JDP Maryland


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      13.9, Yes.