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Interesting comparisons...maybe a little late .

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    I have never seen that car. I would like to see a picture of it.

    Leonard Shepherd


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      quote:Originally posted by garyash

      Anyone have a photo of that car?

      Gary Ash
      If Leonard Shepherd doesn't have a photo of it, it's never been photographed. [:I] BP
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        Several years ago one of the Auto magazines compared the Cadillac Cimarron to the 1964 Studebaker. The measurements were very close. Anyone remember?

        Gary Sanders
        Nixa, MO
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        Gary Sanders
        Nixa, MO


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          I do remember Brooks Stevens compared his 1964 Lark prototype with the all new, "nobody's ever done this before" 1976 Cadillac Seville. I think there was a short write up and graphic in one of the collector car magazines of that period. Rambler's Ambassador for 1958 was arguably the first to advertise a compact luxury car but Studebaker was certainly in there pitching with the Cruiser a full decade plus before the Seville came on the scene. I never saw the comparison between the unfortunate Cadillac Cimarron and the Cruiser.

          I always thought the original Chrysler K-cars deserved the "What Studebaker Larks Would Look Like If They Were Still Being Built" award. Boxy, angular with the Mercedes-like front end.

          --1963 Cruiser


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            Of course we know you mean the Chrysler TC

            Not the Aries

            Brad Johnson
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              A little further off this subject, but still having Studebaker content, would be a look at the similarities between Chrysler and Studebaker in the late 50's and early 60's. Obviously the Valiant was inspired by the Lark. 58 Studebakers resembled 57 and 58 Chrysler cars especially the hardtops with their Chrysleresce c pillars, front end styling and fins. Chryslers "super car" the 300 series 57-59 had a grill that I feel was very similar to Studebakers "super car" the Hawk series, and of course they both had large fins. And strangely enough, although it could just be me, it seems as though Studebaker v8's and Chrysler product v8's sound similar save for the Hemi motors. I am talking about Chrysler engines like the 318.


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                quote:Originally posted by 5859

                I can see how you might have thought the Chrysler styling came from the lark, but in reality it is derived from the original 300 series cars when they started in 55 or6 can't remember.
                Hmmm, I don't really see how they could say that...the lark is much closer than the 1955 C 300

                She may have bugs and she may have dings, but that just proves I drive this thing!!