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Are All The Cars Restored??

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    Interesting points...and well taken.
    I don't see 'restorations' dying off... But I do see them evolving.
    As the new vehicle market has changed in the last 30+ years (production-wise),
    the disposable nature of the vehicle themselves comes into play.
    For example...
    If you parked your 1961 Hawk in a shed (in 1972) and dug it out last year, you could pretty much find what you need to restore it.
    (note I said nothing about cost)
    But the reason you could restore it is that a great majority of the vehicle was steel.
    You'd swap out the interior pieces, and rebuild the drivetrain, and all that was left was some trim, glass, rubber and sheet metal repair.
    Look at the modern cars as a comparison.
    Park a 2000 Whatchacallit in a barn and dig it out in 2040.
    What could you rebuild?
    What shape is the plastic? The electronics?
    Those (to me, anyways) are going to be the two biggest restoration hurdles in the future.
    Plastic and electronics....
    Betcha they said the same thing when they went from babbit bearings to newfangled shell bearings, too

    quote:Originally posted by Flashback

    Being 63 years old and still new to the SDC, puts me in the group some of you are talking about. I have seen trends change over the years, but I believe restoration will go on. When I was a teen, I could drive a few miles in any direction and there were cars being restored. people restoring their own vehicles. A lot of the people have passed away, and trends changed with them. Now I can drive the same roads and find vehicles being restored by professionals for people. A lot of over restoration. I see most of the younger generations, making the big bucks, and paying someone else to restore their "whim" dream car, and selling it and then they have another "dream" car and on and on. Just like drag racing, that I was once a part of. Work all week on the car, go race on the weekend. It was cubic inches, now it's cubic dollars. Same with old cars. Even though it's slow because of money,I am doing my own, and enjoying every minute of it. I built my first 53 C body in 1960, at a total cost of $650.00. My current project has already cost me over ten times this and will probably cost twenty times by the time I finish.
    Where is the sulplus 53 C-K sheet metal? Like it or not, some of you are in the group wih me. A dying breed.
    Tex in Alabama
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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