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66 Daytona Which engine?

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    Originally posted by tsenecal View Post
    Haven't committed to the purchase yet. He has seven Studebakers for sale plus some parts. Also a Packard 352, complete. The 327 and four speed would make a great driver. One of the other cars that he has is a 47 stude business coupe. Also fairly rough, but a good candidate for a hot rod.
    Oh, heck, Go with the Packard in it! It might not be an easy swap, but no one else will have one!
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ


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      I have a T10 4 speed out of an Avanti 2 which used a Chevy engine, for sale.
      Robert Kapteyn


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        Going back to 1982 or '83 we went to an Iroquois Chapter meet at the Art Park in Lewiston NY along with several other Ontario Chapter members.

        At the park l met a gentleman with a very nice '66 Daytona, green with white vinyl roof, a ringer for the one in the '66 brochure. He took me over to see his car, to prove that he had removed " that GM crap" (or words to that effect) from the car and installed a "much better" Studebaker 289 which, of course, looked absolutely at home in the engine bay. Wish l knew what happened to the car. l've thot of it often (rather fondly, if l can confess) over the years, especially when hearing of so many engine swaps in so many Studes having been made in the other direction.
        Roger Hill

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          The car is in Spring Creek NV. Close to Elko. Serial # C 130667. He would like to get it sold, and I think it may be more project than I want. I will post some for sale info in the sale portion of forum. He has a few NOS parts with it. Bumpers grill inserts and taillight inserts.