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    This is the annual new York in New York (page 33 in his month's TW). There is another thread on this. I hate to see commercial writing such as this with simple spelling errors.
    Gary L.
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      Really Gary, "Form" instead of "From" and one of 3 Loewy's had the w & e flipped?
      I guess for a "Professional" writer 2 errors may be inexcusable, but to me not bad at all.

      I thought it was very well written, what I liked was that Complete story of what Studebaker was without going on and on for Pages, it briefly describes A LOT of Studebaker History pretty correctly and quickly without Boring anyone.

      I think the "Production ceasing in 1964" is pretty excusable due the "Year Model" was correct, but since he was talking Dates was questionable as to "Which" Production stopped, every day "Cars", Postal Vans, Avantis or Military Trucks.

      I never did see an "Author" shown for this piece.
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        I was the one who wrote it and submitted it to the local papers. I probably did the from and form flip, I tend to do that but I did spell Loewy correct but I saw a couple other edits they made so I guess this happens...
        I'm not sure why they didn't mention this takes place in Dunkirk instead of Jamestown. I suppose local readers do know where the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds is though.
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