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    Do not ask me why ebay would allow anyone who received a refund to leave any feedback, but after contacting them, they removed the unfair neg. Ebay makes no effort to boot dishonest buyers but is quick to drop a seller in the grease.
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      Originally posted by SScopelli View Post
      I've had this issue with eBay and buyers. I had some avionic, and the equipment had what is called an 8130 which stated it was repaired and tested fully functional.

      I also noted that because it was electronics, it was not refundable unless I shipped it to a radio shop for them to install it.

      After I shipped it, same scam, buyer claims it didn't work, and eBay said they were refunding his money and back charging me.

      The buyer returned the part, and I proved that the buyer removed internal circuit boards because the boards serial numbers did not match the unit's serial numbers.

      I also had the reputable shop that did the repair and issued the 8130, tell eBay it was tampered with.

      eBay still insisted to side with the buyer, and I was out $700.00 and now I had an irreparable unit.

      Sick people, and I cant believe eBay business model is to fear the buyer and not protect the seller.
      Actually If you have proof of the internal serial numbers before the transaction, then I would seriously consider contacting the FAA about it, as it's tampering with Avionics and ruins the 8130.... It's probably not worth it, as you're not getting your money back, but the enforcement actions can be considerable if done properly.

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