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  • SDC National Auction

    Just a reminder - please bring something to donate to the SDC Auction at the International Meet in Mansfield. The auction is always great fun to attend and you never know what you might find! And what could be better than getting together with fellow club members for a good time? All proceeds benefit SDC and help offset expenses for the meet.

    Look around your house, your shop and your garage. There must be something that you no longer need or want. Maybe you have some surplus parts or perhaps you were sent the wrong part for your car and it’s still lying around. Or maybe over the years you’ve been replacing items in your Studebaker memorabilia collection with better examples and are ready to let the others go. These would make great donations to the auction!

    The auction will be held at 8:30 PM on Friday Sept. 13th at the fairgrounds. There will be a place to store donated items before the auction. Hope to see you there!
    59 Silver Hawk

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    I'm on the road & have a few items for this cause! will be there Tuesday afternoon.