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Trying to post only this ONE more time. ...... HELP, Clark or ????

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    Originally posted by studerodder View Post
    I’ve been slapped around on both sites soooo.......
    If that ever happens here again, please let me know. We're a brotherhood; we should be friendly or at least civil to each other.

    Originally posted by j.byrd View Post
    Update which is VERY embarrassing.... I had forgot to click which "prefix" as required.
    Gee John, the rest of us are all perfect ... Seriously, no worries. I'm glad you figured it out.

    Sometimes computer problems can be baffling even to me, and I've spent most of my career working with them!
    Clark in San Diego
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      Clark, I have decided to use my stand-by excuse. My wife wasn't home to show me what to do, so it's her fault. ( she is a computer programmer/ analyst ) There, I feel better now, ha ! Thanks again.


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        Originally posted by studerodder View Post
        I’ve been slapped around on both sites soooo.......
        Yeah, you and I have communicated in the past......
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          I am now a "Studebaker Addicts" member. I found some of what I thought I would find, free flowing chaos, with little oversight, and less real authoritative substance. What the site seems to provide is the sensual stimulus, or excitement that so many people seem to require on a minute to minute basis. Pictures abound, and it's a very visually enticing site. The site makes up for substance with sheer quantity. It gives people the ability to make a splash, good or bad, get out and have their post quickly forgotten. There seems to be no accountability, for what is said, and has no archival ability to save any discussions.

          The SDC has it's detractors on the site. It's hard to characterize any logical reasons, other then maybe we are old and out of touch. Or that someone made a comment, with which they didn't agree. I was not surprised by the source for some of it, but was unprepared by the vitriol. Opposition disregards the fact that there is so much useless s... flying around on the site that it's hard have a meaningful discussion. I did find some support for the SDC, less so for the AOAI, and the Antique club.

          I guess it's the sign of the times, but I was surprised by how many Studebaker owners, on site had no clue that there was such a thing as the SDC, and of course, no knowledge of the forum, or the resources available. To me it was kind of like looking an action movie, bereft of meaningful plot, or story-line. I think that we need a presence there if only to get the word out, try to restore balance, and do it in a non-confrontational manner. I don't want to come off as being smug, or as a know it all, just trying to stimulate a discussion. I want to understand, so we can continue to enjoy our Studebaker family!