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1953 Wagon progress #5

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    I had '53 coupe about 20 years ago so when I picked up another one I was looking to do something different so I came up with the idea of making a wagon out of it. I found a suitable donor '55 wagon that was pretty rusty from the belt line down. The B post is from the coupe and it is uncut in height. I did lower the wagon roof about 1 1/4". In doing so I had to slide the roof back on the D post (rear pillar). Since the roof was slid back I also had to move the bottom portion of the C posts which makes the passenger windows longer. The windshield is stock height but laid back because of the shorter roof (wagon is on a 116 1/2" wheelbase and the coupe is 120 1/2"). I had planned on adding a filler piece to the roof to extend it to meet the windshield in its stock angle but because of the little metal detail immediately above the rain gutter that starts at the back window and increases in height as it goes forward. This detail kept made it impossible for me to add the filler because the filler detail would have to be level and not ever increasing in height like the rest of it. The new windshield angle made it impossible to have operational wind wings so I made them stationary (the car has AC) and electric operated side fender vents. I was able to find late model, electric outside mirrors that matched the new windshield angle. Doors have electric windows and the passenger windows still slide back like they originally did. I have not installed the slider handle/latch yet because I am waiting until all the interior upholstery is done. Every piece of interior trim had to be modified (cut/welded) which was just one of the time consuming items that I faced. The car is built on a '63 GT frame (11 guage).


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      Really a beautiful job, and a whole lot of precision fitting and welding.

      In my HO though, the 1850's Conestoga Wagon Wheels may be appropriate for a Conestoga in Name, but in looks not so much.
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