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I have the title in hand for our '52 Commander

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  • I have the title in hand for our '52 Commander

    The title came from the DMV for our '52 Commander. Here in NC it's always a relief to get a title back even when you know there are no problems with it. Every i must be dotted and every t crossed just right here or the DMV will have a problem with it. And when they do it is a pain in the ---.

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    A relief indeed. It will be a major relief to have the title to my truck in hand.
    I had no trouble, some 4 years ago, getting my 52 Commander registered from Virginia. Now with my Mississippi 2R pickup I am getting grief. I am waiting for a death certificate which I hope will finish the deal. It took me over a month to get a copy of the will showing that the executor had the right to sell the truck. The local office issued a new plate and sent the paperwork to Little Rock for the title, but then our state office kicked my title application back.
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