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  • Studebaker in Wall Street

    Hats off to Tom Burke, Fox River Grove IL, for his letter in the Feb 26 Wall St Jrnl, commenting on "The Long Quest for More Miles Per Gallon":

    "It's surprising that no mention was made of the 1959 Studebaker Lark economy car. The popular and compact Lark was introduced in late 1958--a year earlier than the Big Three offerings--and was the primary reason Studebaker returned to profitability, however briefly. The Lark's 25 mpg on the highway with the base six-cylinder engine was a major selling point.

    "The basic Lark design soldiered on in various forms and names until the bitter end of auto production for Studebaker in 1966."

    Preach it, brother. That's telling them.

    (The next letter is from a Corvair dealer mechanic in Dubuque, who tears Nader a new one, as if Nader needed another one.)