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Specific Avanti Info 63R1182 History Needed

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  • Specific Avanti Info 63R1182 History Needed

    Gents, I am looking for any info on Avanti 63R1182, it is a R-2 powershift, teal green and out of California. It is NOT listed in Bob Johnstone's Avanti registry or in the AOAI site. I believe it was built in Sept. 62, about a month after my current car (63R1089) was built. It is now in Michigan and I will be getting the South Bend factory data package on order this week. I am hopeful that somebody ('s) has had some contact with the car and can fill me in on the past history or point me in a direction for more details. Thanks Sherm / Green Bay / 63R1089 and maybe 63R1182.

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    New data, per several questions and pictures of my 63R1089 engine number pad so the owner could check and give me the engine # from the 63R1182 car the results are puzzling. The pad is NOT stamped ( no clover leaf either ). So what happened, the block was a replacement one and the dealer did not stamp the old engine #, or was the block rebuilt and the shop for some reason took a ' fuzz' cut off the valley pan surface ? I am out of ideas ( it is a full flow block ), what do you older Stude more experienced folks think ? I am out of ideas. I have been told that there is NO listing of the car on any of the two main Studebaker or Avanti rosters. Thanks Sherm / Green Bay 63R1089 & maybe 63R1182.


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      I hope the owner was looking on the correct side of the block top. Some people are confused as to right and left on a car engine. If there is really nothing on the correct location, the block is probably a replacement that was not stamped.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

      SDC member since 1968
      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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        Yup Gary you think like I do.....that's why I sent him pictures of my Avanti's engine number pad as a guide. Sherm / Green Bay 63R1089


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          And today at the Iola WI week end car show, the Wisconsin DMV gave me the complete data packet to fill out and submit (with a signed bill of sale from the Michigan owner) to start the process for 63R1182 to be Wisconsin legal. Gee....what can go wrong?? Sherm / Green Bay / 63R1089


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            What can go wrong? Don't ask that question!

            Bob Miles
            Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator


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              Yes Bob, I am having 2nd, 3rd and 4th bad thoughts about mumbling bad vibes......I am hoping to have a 'local' buddy make a quick and dirty drive-by (fly over with drone ???) today or during the week end. So its on pins and needles till some data pops up. Sherm / Green Bay 63R1089 lusting for 63R1182