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Was this really a 44,000 mile car?

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  • Was this really a 44,000 mile car?

    Sad picture on eBay of a Lark 4 door that was wrecked. The ad says the car has 44,000 actual miles, but some things don't look right for a low mileage car. What do you think?
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    It looks like the frame is car only.


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      I think the seller's written report of the extent of the damage is highly misleading.

      I mean, "the replacement radiator took all the damage?" Ridiculous. If only that was true!

      That could have been the nicest 1960 Lark V8 4-door in the country and it still wouldn't be worth rebuilding at this point due to the extent of the damage, so the odometer reading is immaterial.

      (As comedian Bill Engle might say, if there was ever a "totaled" 1960 lark V8 4-door, "here's your sign!") BP
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        Is that the correct engine color? Not familiar with 1960 model year practices, but I don't think I've seen a Stude V8 that color (Ford blue?). Looks strange because the heads appear to be painted blue with some silver on the outboard side near the exhaust manifold attachments. The air cleaner appears to be black and the same color blue as the rest of the engine. None of that looks factory, and I don't know why a car with a true 44K miles would have needed the engine removed from the car.


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          It may well be the original mileage but, looking at the front seat, that is questionable. With the typical rust, it does not appear to be a southwest car. At this point, it is a parts car, and the drive train is a pig in a poke. The motor may have been replaced, or simply brush painted by someone on heavy doses of medical marijuana.


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            The engine may have been damaged, and rebuilt in 44,000 miles, from freezing, lack of oil, overheating, etc. I agree with others here. The frame looks damaged, with poor door alignment, and other visual indicators. I'd love to have it for parts, but it is not as rare, or valuable as the owner believes it to be. Sad that a nice driver ended up that way. This warning is put out here on a regular basis, "check the entire braking system, and convert to a dual master cylinder".


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              The repaint, engine color, and replacement front seat cover were why I questioned the actual mileage. It is possible, of course, that the car has low miles, but was not treated with care over the years.
              The starting price looks very high for a parts car.
              "In the heart of Arkansas."
              Searcy, Arkansas
              1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
              1952 2R pickup


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                Note that the Harrah's certificate is from 35 years ago.
                Isn't this the Lark that we previously discused where a young lady bought the car and then had an accident with her child in the car?
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                  Seller says he'll list it until it sells. I could see it selling only after the price is reduced by 90%.


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                    Hey, Craig!(8E45E) your magic search thing and post the thread link! I think we've already discussed this wreck just a few days ago?
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                      Yes, this was the car discussed several weeks back. It was posted on Craigslist. Young lady lost control, drove it off the road and smacked a couple of trees.

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                        $3000 for the wrecked one..... or $5000 for a nice running example. You choose which is the better value..


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                          From the beginning there has been little transparency or understanding as to what the car really was, why a young woman with a child chose this car for transportation, and what really caused the accident. The only tangible knowledge that we have is that the car is a wrecked parts car, a model that garners little interest even as an intact survivor, and is worth far less then the eBay price. To me it doesn't make any difference if the the car has 44K or 144K. It might help someone out as a 500 parts car, but it's simply a dead end as a restoration candidate.


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                            That entire Cowl, Windshield Frame, Door Posts and Frame are all damaged, probably a $5000.00 Body and Frame "Pull" Repair Labor without the Front end sheet metal cost, that was a VERY Hard hit, I agree it's a Parts Car, too bad though.

                            Click image for larger version

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                              It must have been terrifying for the lady and her baby just before and during the crash. Like Rich said, that was a very hard impact.

                              I also agree with the others who have said that the engine repainted and different upholstery means more than 44K miles.
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