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Wakeup After Hibernation

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  • Wakeup After Hibernation

    I have hardy even moved the 62GT and 56J since retirement on 7-June 2018, but did start them up every few months. Recently, I began waking them back up again, and they seem to have only been napping instead of hibernating. I keep them on trickle charger, so just needed to turn the key on and let the electric fuel pumps build pressure. Then both cars fired up as if last ran yesterday. Have been focusing mostly on the 62GT of recent: hit all oil can and grease point: hinges, latches, etc.; checked the lights. Still need to put the car up on ramps and check all fluid levels, adjust the rear brakes, and clean the magnet on the driveshaft, which sends speed signals to the cruise control. Probably a few other tasks, which will come to mind later.

    This is the longest any of the Studes have sat dormant since I was deployed in the MC, decades ago. It's good to get back behind the wheel and enjoy them as they were meant to be.

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    Bring 'em to the picnic next April in Stockton!
    Lou Van Anne
    62 Champ
    64 R2 GT Hawk
    79 Avanti II


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      If I ever travel overland back to visit California it will be on the GoldWing, and hopefully before I get too old. LOL