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    Well, I made the final executive decision, toward the ultimate fate of the Saturday night special. I have been trying to decide which way to go. I had already finished the hood and trunk, as well as most of the car with epoxy, block, primer, block, and ready for paint. I was gonna use gloss black, all the emblems, and maybe even wheel covers. Yesterday the coupe got nosed and decked. Welded in all the holes. It's headed toward a true 50's, 60's hot rod. Also had decided ,once again, to use the radio, rear seat speaker, and roll up antenna, as well as rear defroster and outer accessories. These are all out now. Maybe I'll use the flaired exhaust tips??? LOL. Dash is back together, with tachometer, and other hot rod items. The tissue dispenser will need to go also. Bout finished the 58 Corvette steering wheel. Leaves me with a "hard to find" steel adapter for a large shaft steering, for sale. Had to remove the cover under the steering wheel and bend the turn signal lever to have the right clearance. And now I need to touch up the cover, and reinstall. Remove the tissue dispenser and I will be done with the dash "Again". Now I need to clean the dash and instruments, and cover good for a while. will be fitting fenders and front sheet metal this week, in the afternoons and night.

    Pictures coming in the pictures forum

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    Keep it up Tex, looking forward to seeing the progress!
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      Are they ever done!!! NO, that's the fun part.
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        Originally posted by Flashback View Post
        ...Pictures coming in the pictures forum
        Hey...I don't think you will hurt anyone's feelings by posting the pics here. That makes it "one stop convenient" to enjoy your progress.
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          Get it running. Keep it running.
          You, too.
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