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    At the Mecum Portland (OR) auction this weekend, two Studebakers sold (that I know of) so far.
    1) 1950 Commander, resto-mod, appeared nice, sold for $5750.
    2) 1964 Avanti R1, original, appeared nice, sold for $9000.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer

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    Unless the cars were far worse than pictured and described, these prices appear to be under market to me.

    I think this is more the rule than the exception at "big name" auctions. The cars we generally hear about are the special ones that bring big bucks. In addition, they are the ones sold at the BIG, big name auction venues...not the many smaller ones like Portland that have the name, but not the special cars nor the buyer attendance.

    I have attended some of the big ones (like BJ Scottsdale) purely for the entertainment value, but would never sell a car at one nor advise someone to do so. As a seller you pay a listing fee, a selling fee, money to get the car there, money to get yourself there and for food and lodging...then money to get the car home again if it doesn't meet reserve. AND if you don't have a prime time spot your chances to sell the car for a decent price are greatly diminished.

    Many of these smaller big name auctions are "no reserve". I think because the auction house knows the cars are probably not going to bring a reserve price that is set near market value.

    Traditional auctions like these (for cars and other merchandise) were a great place to sell before the internet and sites like eBay and Bring a Trailer. Not so much now.
    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA