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  • Number Built.

    I am sure it has been posted but how many 1962 GTs were built with 4 speeds.

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    I am not sure anyone has combed through all the '62 Hawk production orders to get a concrete number - that would require looking through all the '62 production orders. It was pretty popular option - my Uncle actually yanked the 4 speed out of his '62 in the late 60s and put in a 3 speed/OD to make it more, as he said, 'drive-able'...


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      I do not beieve that this has been researched and published. My guesstimate is 3K.
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        Soon we all be able to answer this question as there is a voluteer at the SNM working in the archives on answering this very question not only for 62 GT's but also for the 63's and 64's as well.
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          Of course much more is already known about the Really "Special" Cars: Jet Thrust Larks, JT & JTS Hawks, Avantis, '56 Golden Hawks, even some info breakdowns on '57 GH's and '55 Speedsters.

          I put "Really" in Bold because, I know we all think Ours are "Special" and also certain "Other" Models.

          Remember that 1958 Scotsman 2 Door Sedans and 1958 Champion 2 Door Sedans are FAR more rare than Avantis, and just MAY be someones pride and joy.

          Although generally; I am NOT, I am TRYING to be just a little bit "Politically Correct" !
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