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    An okay story with the usual mistake of stating that the Lincoln carriage was built by Studebaker.
    As with many articles of this type, neither the article nor the page say what state they are referring to. I guess that many of these newspaper types do not realize that their articles will be spread around the World.

    EDIT: The article mentions Pennsylvania and Indiana, but I am guessing that Ashland is in Ohio.
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      Originally posted by studegary View Post
      The article mentions Pennsylvania and Indiana, but I am guessing that Ashland is in Ohio.
      Ashland Source is an online news outlet serving Ashland County, Ohio.
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        There are many mistakes in this article. Let's start with the fact I have no clue who John S. Studebaker is. Secondly when the family reached Ashland John Clement was not a practicing blacksmith. He had bought a grist mill and was grinding grain. As he had in Tyrone Township (not Gettysburg) he allowed others to take advantage of him and finally had to sell the milling operation. The other reason for selling was he really did not understand the business had great difficulty running the mill at a profit. At that point, he returned to his blacksmithing roots. It was in 1848 that he chose to load up his family and move to South Bend.

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