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John Bridges alternate 57/58 Packard Designs

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  • John Bridges alternate 57/58 Packard Designs


    Hope this hasn't been posted before and sorry my limited computer skills don't allow a better link.
    i was looking at some Hemmings e-mails that had accumulated while I was in South Bend and I ran across John Bridges' cars he has built incorporating his designs for the Packardbakers. I'm stunned at the quality of his builds and the designs. By 1957 I don't think any design could have saved Packard but I like John's designs better than the factory designs.
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    John Bridges is a nice guy. I do not know about the Packard designs, but the 1955 Speedster model is based on a design by Bob Bourke.
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      Interesting, Packard and Studebaker may have been saved had a proper financial picture been obtained prior to the Packard purchase of Studebaker, along with ideas for future designs and factory modernization, but we'll never know. Curtis-wright did the company no favors by failing to honor its agreement to invest, and also by taking the profitable defense assets.

      Well done mr bridges, but those designs aren't appealing to me.
      John Clements
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        That '57 sedan model appears how the Farina-body Wolseley looked when a traditional looking grille got applied to what was then a modern design: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-Wolseley-6-99



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          The Red Speedster was on display at the Nashville meet in 92 at the meet hotel lobby. Very well done and great craftsmanship.

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            I like the sportster overall. Great proportions as near as can be told with the limited views they could get in the garage. I like the 53 nose and tail better than this though and don't care for the humps behind the drivers heads. The tail is very slick but not better than stock.
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              Actually, I like the proposed Packard Sedan with the retro 1940's grille. One historical alternative would have used this on the 57-58 Stude based Packard sedans and the actual 57-58 front clips used could have been for the Clipper line. What would the additional fiberglass front with trim cost?


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                Retro never works. A 30s grille on a 50s car looks to contrived.
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