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Hi Torque starter for Packard V8?

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  • Hi Torque starter for Packard V8?

    would like to know if any one has one on there 352 Packard eng. and if they work well

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    Yes and yes.

    jack vines


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      This post made me think of the starter I had built for a drag car. Seemed every time the starter didn't want to turn it was when we where in staging and it was our turn to pull up to the starting line. My brother said I know a guy that can fix that. He took a starter off a Olds 350 diesel and reworked it to fit a chev small block. From then on it started every time. 13.5 to 1 or not I think it would have ripped the SFI. flex plate off if it didn't turn over.


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        Contact Don Allen, he rebuilds the stock starter and puts in new winding's etc. He did one for my 55 Nash with a Packard V8. His web page talks more about his generator conversion. Just call him and he will answer any question you may have.

        Other then that I saw some gear reduction starters on ebay that said they would fit a packard V8 but remember it's ebay so verify verify verify the make and model.