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Michiana Chapter Mentor Award to Jim Maxey

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  • Michiana Chapter Mentor Award to Jim Maxey

    In the Michiana Chapter we are lucky to have many younger members. Recently, one of our Chapter members Corey Mcilroy, suggested that we give an award to Jim Maxey for all the help that he gives to people that have questions, or need to have work done on their Studebakers. (I know, as he is solely responsible for my Studebaker Champ being on the road.) As many of you know, Jim stays low key on things, (except for the Truck Farmer pants) but I wanted to take a moment here to highlight Jim Maxey and the award that he received during our Car Show award ceremony on Saturday afternoon because he deserves the recognition for all the things he has done over the years for SDC, and especially for our Chapter.

    An example of this just happened Saturday. A guy brought a '25 to our Car Show, and could not get it started. I found Jim with his morning coffee after bringing the fresh cooked sausage that our Chapter gets to make those sandwiches that many of you enjoy, and asked him if he had time to help this guy. It wasn't 10 or 15 minutes later that I saw Jim towing the person with the '25 into our Car Show. We are lucky in our Chapter to have many people willing to help like this.

    Pictured here is Jim Maxey, and Michiana Chapter member Corey Mcilroy. I also wanted to add that Jim had no idea he was getting this Award. A secret well kept. Thanks James Maxey for getting him there!
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    Congratulations Jim and thank you for your decades of support to SDC. It is great to see pioneers like Jim Maxey getting the recognition they so deserve.

    Stu Chapman


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      Can’t ask for a better guy either

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        Originally posted by Stu Chapman View Post
        Congratulations Jim and thank you for your decades of support to SDC. It is great to see pioneers like Jim Maxey getting the recognition they so deserve.

        Stu Chapman
        I second Stu's statement.
        Gary L.
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          The Maxey is one of the reasons we are members of the Michiana Chapter . Well done on Corey’s behalf to make this happen and consider them all friends . I have a picture of me with my family at the Proving Grounds from 1974 with our 63 Avanti so fast forward and I now own it so for the 2017 National Meet my son brought the car back to take it on track with my parents . The alternator had an issue and after the Maxey’s found out they loaned us one so we could have 3generations on the Track with 2 of our Avantis and meant more than I can put into words . I know this is one story of how they naturally help others to keep the Spirit of Studebaker alive . Thankful to have them as friends and well deserved !


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            I owe a hearty thank you to Jim, his son, and a few other friends he introduced me to as I jumped into a studebaker project, Thanks again for all your help Jim, you're a great guy and well deserving of this award.


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              I have only been part of the Studebaker world for 15 years, but I cannot think of anybody more deserving. Jim Maxey is legendary in the Studebaker world. His efforts in moving the SASCO inventory alone were incredible. Yet, like everything else he does for people, he just shrugs it off. I cannot even imagine the number of people that have a story about how Jim has helped them, but I will share my most recent one.

              Last summer I traveled to Indiana to pick up a new enclosed trailer. I wanted to spend a couple days be in the area, but was nervous about leaving a new trailer of that size in a hotel parking lot. Without hesitation, Jim graciously offered to let me park the trailer at his house, which I did. When I came back to get it, I was treated to a tour of his Studebakers, and the one he was working on for someone else. When it came time to connect the trailer, he noted that my hitch ball was dry and put some grease on it. And he sent me off with a box of goodies from his stockpile.

              I grabbed a picture of Jim putting that grease on my trailer ball. That’s how I always think of Jim: a guy who thinks nothing of doing work, even if it’s hard or dirty; and thinks nothing of being helpful to other people.

              Congratulations, my friend. I’m sure the tribute is a little uncomfortable for you, but well deserved. Thank you for not just being a great Studebaker ambassador, but for being a great person to your core. And here’s to many more years of doing so. The world is always going to need people like you and your family.
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                Good for Jim, he is truly one of the clubs most helpful members. He deserves this award and many more. Congrats to him and to the Michiana Chapter for recognizing him for his decades of service to the Studebaker world. Bill


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                  Well done, and well-deserved. Congratulations Jim!

                  Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                    Thank you Jim, for all that you do.
                    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                      Thanks to all and to Corey for think this up. The picture shows a "grumpy looking" old man. Behind that look was a ton of emotion just trying to get out. I'm trying to pass the torch to the young members by sharing the years of knowledge learned by skinned knuckles. Thanks again. This is one of the highest honors I have ever received. Jim


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                        Congratulations Jim! You deserve it.



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                          There are not many in the Michiana Chapter, both past and present who have not been the recipient of Jims humble, generous help. He is a great, wholesome family man and a great friend to all of us. Thank you Jim and Congratulations. Thank you to Corey for the genius in the creation of the award.


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                            Congratulations Jim! Well deserved.
                            Mark Hayden
                            '66 Commander
                            Zone Coordinator
                            Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                              Jim is one of the first Michiana Chapter members I met when I returned to the area. A warm, friendly, and helpful participant in the world of Studebakers.
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