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I actually fixed some things!

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  • I actually fixed some things!

    I had a bad but small rust spot on the bottom of a front fender which I tried to disguise with touch-up paint, but you could still se the rust as the paint was broken underneath. I was all set to bring it to he shop when I got the brilliant idea to try sanding down the raised area, which I did. I applied a couple of coats of paint and voila - it worked! The color, Seaside Green, is somewhat lighter, but that's OK as it pretty much underneath the car. The other problem was that a screw holding a rear speaker became undone and left it dangling by one fastener. After trying various lame fixes, I finally got a new screw and put a small weight on the head so it wouldn't keep popping up when I tried to fasten the nut and it held. Afterwards I realized that the screw I got was a bit short which made it difficult to attach.
    Now, with those simple tasks behind me, and armed with a tool kit consisting entirely of a small Vise-Grip, a combination Philips head and blade screwdriver and a rag, fell qualified to not only tackle any repair, including engine and tranny rebuild, extensive body repair, and anything else the gods of Old Cardom can throw at me. Then I realized what a great retirement money-making opportunity this would be with all thes old cars around, and which one doesn't have any issues? I'll be rich, I tell you rich!!!
    peter lee

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    Add a big hammer to your list of tools and you can easily repair even more things on a Studebaker.

    But seriously, congratulations on your successful repairs.


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      I was always told: Bigger the Hammer, Better the Mechanic.


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        Congrats! Fixing things gets a lot easier, the more that you do it. Soon you'll be wondering why you didn't do it all along.


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          I almost heard Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear echoed in the title of this thread.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            The old saying is: "He with the fewest tools has the best imagination." With a torch and a grinder, many useful tools can be made from other tools that have no use.
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              I'd be LOST without my torches...


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                Originally posted by tsenecal View Post
                congrats! Fixing things gets a lot easier, the more that you do it. Soon you'll be wondering why you didn't do it all along.
                more fixing = less whining
                John Clary
                Greer, SC

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                  Originally posted by jclary View Post
                  more fixing = less whining
                  John - This must be among your shortest posts .
                  Gary L.
                  Wappinger, NY

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