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    Originally posted by S2Deluxe View Post
    Ok, here's more photos of it. I don't see anything, showing the back seat?

    Click on the link to the site that offers it for sale. Tons of photos.



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      It seems like a lot of cash ($69,000), but compared to any 2019 luxury car, it is right in the ballpark, and for me at least, it would be ten times more fun to drive and show off. The value might even hold it's own, while the new cars would depreciate rapidly.


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        Beautiful car. Although our '53 custom has been changed externally, we like being able to tell folks it still has its original 232 V8 with 3 speed OD tranny. There is just something about those Stude drive trains.....
        Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ


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          No matter how you spell it, that is a "WAY COOL" car!
          Don Watson
          61 Hawk


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            I like them both but I'd be more likely to build one like the first one. The black one is cool and if I had never seen an original 53 starliner I'd love it to death. Its a little too much for me. The enormous tires in back don't float my boat.

            I'd want it like the lavender one including the wheel covers but I'd use more modern tires, a bit wider and lower but not so you'd have to tub it, etc. If you need those 350 tires in back you can always get a viper.
            Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.


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              Originally posted by tsenecal View Post
              Way cool car, with a GOOD engine, but not a way cool one.
              I think I'd have to put a Lingenfelter LT1 in the "way cool" category. (as I would an R3...even an R3 clone)
              Dick Steinkamp
              Bellingham, WA


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                The best way of promoting Studebaker is to get out there to car shows and let car lovers see them.

                Like Bob Palma and others have said, Ed George and his friends put on a great display at MCACN.

                I know the Studebakers are very much a part of the show and are displayed in a prominent position, not hidden away in a far off corner

                Well done Ed and friends - I look forward to seeing this year's display.
                John Clements
                Christchurch, New Zealand