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    Oddly, this was posted on Craigslist in Chino Hills. The owner noted she just bought the car and the brakes failed shortly after. Now parting it out.

    Buying any used car I can't believe folks will not spend a few bucks to get the car checked out mechanically before the final purchase.

    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by Hallabutt View Post
      Most of us agree that a duel chambered MC is a better choice then a single chambered unit, but it is no substitute for owner diligence.
      Truer words were ne'er spoke.

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        Originally posted by Hallabutt View Post
        Sorry to say I just cringe at the thought of a young woman with a child using a 60 yo car for daily transportation. Structural integrity, brakes, seat belts, padded dash, lack of air bags-recipe for disaster. I can't be convinced that putting brakes on a Studebaker is the solution for sixty years of automotive safety innovation.
        Remember that guy a few years ago who wanted to drive a flock of kids around all winter in Wisconsin in a 55 Champion sedan? We went around and around with him and it's still not clear if that was ever resolved. He just could not seem to grasp the concept of endangering innocent children in the snow, in an obsolete six volt car.
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